topAsphalt shingles are the most widely used shingles on roofs today.  They offer a wide variety of styles and looks which allows homeowners to achieve the look desired.   With a fiberglass base and asphalt imbedded to make the shingle waterproof, they can give a life of anywhere from 30 to 50 years.   With this type of construction they will obtain a class A  rating for fire.

The life of the shingle can be affected by weather and installation.  The Laminate or dimensional shingle has taken the place of the older 3 tab construction.  This has increased the shingles ability to resist wind damage.  A properly ventilated roof will also help the shingle last as longer as well.  Inspection of a roof must also include looking at the ventilation and making sure its not too much or too little.

Damage to the shingle from hail is a possibility.  The density, size, and duration of a hail storm can damage this shingle.  The hail stone will impact the roof knocking off the granules on the top of the shingle.  The stone also causes the shingle to crack all the way through.  When this happens it will cause the roof to leak over time.  Usually 1.5 to 2 years after the storm has damaged the shingle.  It also exposes the asphalt part of the shingle to the UV rays of the sun and causes it to deteriorate.

If you feel you have been damaged by a storm contact Colorado Window Source and More for a free inspection.  Contacting your Insurance first can work against you.  If there is no damage they will still count it as a claim even if no money is paid.  We will be glad to supply you a true assessment of your damage.  As we do many other things on the exterior of your home we can also inspect those areas as well.

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