Care and Inspection Tips For Your Flat Roof Home

Here in Colorado, flat roof homes may not be the norm, but it is a modern design trend we’re seeing more and more. Flat roofs have their own unique characteristics and give off their own ambiance. Yet they also have their own unique set of problems. Flat roofs tend to collect moisture, debris, and even plant growth can occur at a faster rate than you’ll ever find on a roof with a steeper pitch.

If you have a flat roof home, how do you care for it?care and inspection tips for your flat roof home 300x234 Care and Inspection Tips For Your Flat Roof Home

Flat roofs aren’t always perfectly flat. Yet in most cases its better to treat them as if they are. They are usually designed with a slight slope that will direct water towards drains and downspouts that will collect and pull the water to the ground.

They are built with multiple layers: a layer of insulation between the deck of the house and the top layer of protection. The insulation layer determines how the roof is sloped. The insulation layer is solid and made of various types of polyisocyanurates, which said another way means congealed foam. The top layer is then attached to this insulation either with glue or with fasteners.

The key to maintaining your roof is through regular inspections. With a brand new roof, you may have a few inspections due from the installation process. With an older roof, its important to find a roofing contractor you can trust to provide you with quality advice on a regular basis.

You can also watch for things in between visits.

  • Inspect the drains to make sure they are free from debris
  • Watch for loose seams
  • Look at the flashing and make sure its bonded and secure
  • Look for holes in the surface material
  • Keep limbs of trees far away from the roof top to avoid damage

You may also be covered by a warranty, depending on the age of your roof. Warranties usually require correct installation and regular maintenance, so its important to follow the guidelines to ensure you are fully covered.

Have additional questions about your flat roof? Give us a call. We’d be happy to inspect your roof and help you keep your home safe and healthy.