Choosing Roofing Materials To Match Your Home

Need a new roof this summer? You’re probably looking at the project through two different sets of eyes.

On the one hand, you know your roof is designed to protect the largest investment you’ve ever made. If it isn’t fully functional, it can allow the elements to penetrate down into your home, and cause you even larger problems down the road.choosing roofing materials to match your home 300x128 Choosing Roofing Materials To Match Your Home

Yet on the other hand, you want your home to be a beautiful place to come home to. The final material should accent the look and feel of your home, and provide the perfect color to blend in with the surroundings to make you feel, well, at home.

How do you make sure you’re getting all that and more in your final selection?

Your Location and Climate
Just because we’re all in the Front Range doesn’t mean we all have the same needs. A home in the suburbs of Littleton have different needs than a home on acreage in Castle Rock. Choosing roofing materials should be dependent on the factors of your neighborhood, and potential dangers you could face down the road – that’s why traditional wood shake shingles are being phased out in many areas. If you are set on a specific look, talk with a roofing contractor about your options. With today’s materials, you can have just about any look by using today’s technology to your advantage. You’ll be amazed at the look you can achieve with asphalt, concrete or tile.

Your Home’s Structure
If you are replacing your current roof made of asphalt and upgrading to something like clay or concrete, you must also verify your home’s structure can handle the additional weight. The pitch of your roof will also impact your final decision – a flat roof has different needs and abilities than an A-frame pitch. When in doubt, talk with a roofing contractor to determine what additional structural work will be required in order to install the type of roof you have in mind.

A roof can be as unique as a homeowner’s wishes. However, the first place to start may be right in your own neighborhood. If you have a homeowners association that governs the look of your neighborhood, make sure your final selection meets all requirements; nothing can be worse than receiving a notice a few weeks after installation stating your home isn’t up to code. From there, you can choose from a wide array of materials, colors and looks. If you like a more authentic wood shake shingle, there are many options using today’s technology to give you the look without the fire risk. Concrete, clay, even rubber can provide you with a design element that will keep your home beautiful for many years into the future.

If you have a particular look in mind, its also wise to keep you possibilities open until you view all of your options. Asphalt is lower in cost than cement, which is lower than clay or slate. Its also important to keep in mind any structural work that may be required for the new installation. Get bids for your desired look, and talk with a roofing specialist about all the ways you can achieve your desired results, and possibly save money along the way as well. Some choices may have 20 to 30 years of life, while others may be 50 years or more.

With so much to factor in, its important to take the time and do your homework first, so you’ll be happy with your final decision for years to come.