How To Move Forward With Roof Repair After A Disputed Claim

Imagine the following scenario.

Your roof is damaged in a hail storm. You call your insurance agent, file a claim, and an adjuster comes out to assess the situation. You receive a loss statement back from your agent, sharing the amount your homeowners insurance company will pay out per the terms of your to move forward with roof repair after a disputed claim How To Move Forward With Roof Repair After A Disputed Claim

With loss statement in hand, you begin contacting roofing companies and receiving quotes. Very quickly you realize the two don’t match. What your insurance company is willing to pay is not what roofing companies are quoting to fix the damage back to an acceptable format. With a big discrepancy between the two, you have one of two options.

1. Pay the difference

2. Dispute the claim

This scenario plays out all the time; it isn’t an unusual occurrence. Insurance companies have learned how to pay only minimal amounts, adding new clauses and terms that will benefit them most.

Yet that can be a shock to you, the homeowner, who assumed you would be covered, and not required to put out thousands of dollars to repair something that was beyond your control.

If you wish to dispute their determination, the first step is to contact your insurance company’s claim center and request a re-inspection.

As a part of the re-inspection process, the adjuster will contact you and discuss who you would like them to meet with to dispute the claim. If you have a roofing company you know and trust to provide honest service and workmanship, this would be the best qualified person to represent you throughout this process.

The purpose of a re-inspection  is to provide both parties with the opportunity to assess the condition of the roof together in hopes they can arrive at the same conclusion about where the damage exists and what is necessary to bring it back to working condition.

Both sides will submit what they deem appropriate given the situation. Both will support their positions. The insurance company will take both into account, and if the parties still are off in their assessment, will ultimately make the final decision and provide you with the final claim.

Keep in mind there are still valid reasons why the two numbers may never meet. But as you go through the process, you will learn more accurately where the discrepancies lie, what’s truly important to recovering your roof and bringing it back to acceptable condition, and help you determine your best course of action from this point forward.

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