The Advantages Of A Decra Metal Shingle Roof

When its time to install a new roof on your home, many things go through your mind. After all, choosing a roof isn’t like picking out a new outfit for a weekend trip; you’re home will have this roof for years, even decades to come.

So making the right selection is important. A lot of factors go into that decision, everything from the best color, to the type of materials used, to the final look, to the durability of the product.the advantages of a decra metal shingle roof 300x237 The Advantages Of A Decra Metal Shingle Roof

If you are looking for an upscale dimensional shingle, the Decra Shingle may be a great choice for you. What we like about Decra is it offers a classic look, and best of all is reinforced with the strength and longevity of steel.

A Decra Shingle combines multiple layers of materials to get its strength. It starts with a layer of ceramic coated stone granules – the look you’ll see on the roof of your home. Then its combined with a layer of steel, multiple layers of aluminum zinc alloy coating, multiple layers of priming, and an overglaze to seal it all in. The result is a shingle made to last.

Decra panels have a unique interlocking design that will withstand many of Colorado’s toughest elements, including wind and hail. The interlocking panels won’t crack, break, warp, curl or split like many other materials used on roofs, and is warranted for winds up to 120 mph.

Because Decra panels are made of steel, they are both fire resistant and non-combustible, making them an outstanding performer when it comes to building in some of the most beautiful areas along the Front Range that may be more susceptible to forest fires. Decra roofs are also durable and freeze/thaw resistant, making them perfect for Colorado’s unpredictable weather patterns where there may be a 40, 50, even higher degree variance throughout the day.

Best of all, a Decra roof is durable, easy to maintain, and will offer years of energy savings too. It is designed to provide you with the classic looks you already love – shingles, shake shingles, tile, or even a Mediterranean tile look – all in a variety of color and pattern combinations to give you any look you desire.

Want to learn more about the Decra Shingle system, or see it up close and in person? Stop by or schedule a consultation today.