concreeteTile1A very durable option for a roof is concrete tile.  This is a concrete based product specially processed and formed to take the look of several different  styles of roofing for your home.  They can  look like shake, slate, or double roman style clay tile.  Manufactured in several different colors and styles gives you the choice of look you want for your home.  Some manufacturers will even custom make a color you have in mind instead of using preset colors.  

The durability of a concrete tile roof far exceeds that of asphalt shingles.  As the price increases for petroleum based products the cost difference is quickly leveling out as well.  Generally a concrete tile roof will last 50 years without needing major maintenance if installed correctly.

Damage to the concrete tile is possible.  However, instead of replacing the whole roof all you have to do is replace each tile that is cracked.   With this style of roof you may get a break on your insurance premiums as you have installed a roofing system that will not cost you or your insurance thousands in replacement costs.

Installation of the concrete tile roof is key to its longevity.  The underlayment, the material used under the tile, is as important as the tile itself.  Installing a proper underlayment to give this area the same life as the tile is very important to your roofs life span. Many people have said that I cant do a tile roof because of its weight.  Yes a concrete tile roof is heavier than an asphalt roof. However its very common NOT  to need any changes in the roof area to accommodate a concrete tile roof. It will require an engineer to look at your roof and its weight capacity.

If you feel you have been damaged by a storm contact Colorado Window Source and More for a free inspection.  Contacting your Insurance first can work against you.  If there is no damage they will still count it as a claim even if no money is paid.  We will be glad to supply you a true assessment of your damage.  As we do many other things on the exterior of your home we can also inspect those areas as well.

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